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Math Problems

Fermat's Last Theorem:

The Mathematics of Fermat's Last Theorem

For n = 2 we know that the equation not only has a solution but an infinite number of solutions.  x = 3, y = 4 and z = 5 and any positive integer multiple of these.
It even has an infinite number of solutions not allowing for multiples:
x = 5, y = 12, z = 13 being one of these.  But the proof of this has eluded civilization for 300 years even though Fermat said that the margin of his book was too small to show what he claimed was a proof.  It seems almost impossible Fermat ever did have a proof as Andrew Wile's proof draws on 5 different areas of modern number theory.  Click ENTER once there.

This is an ancient Polish puzzle game that was included in a free games disk by Verbatim.  After Rubik's cube I enjoyed the most difficult puzzle Sunshine which I now have under 1850 steps in a Windows Recorder file for both Win 3.x and Win 95.  I challenge anyone to improve on my solution by more than 10 steps.  It is included in the file aji001.zip.
Such bravado!  My new Klotski page will show how silly my challenge was. Just click on this Klotski icon to go there:

This has more puzzles and other stuff but I don't know how to set up an FTP link in my pages yet so you have to E-mail me at   AjiSabaki@hotmail.com  to request it.
 This will be superseded soon but I don't need an FTP link for you to get it.  Just click the following link to download it: AJI001.ZIP