Music from continents other than Europe and N. America

Tsunami by Hokusai



The most known melody from Japan

Sakura Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) played on a koto

MIDI --- Scorch

There are a few more Japanese melodies I would like to enter here that are much more lovely than this. Most of these date from the Meiji Restoration period after Japan opened up to the West, 1865. You might like to know that my Internet names are based on Japanese terms used in the ancient game of go.




played on the shamisen

MIDI --- Scorch


played on the piano

MIDI --- Scorch



Heitor Villa-Lobos


The source of the following arrangement is from Classical Music Archives.   I found this MIDI arrangement and merely substituted the bassoon for the choir voices used in the original MIDI file.   I went back to Classical Music Archives in order find out name of the MIDI arranger and this MIDI file was no longer there.   I know that Villa-Lobos made an arrangement for guitar and soprano voice which I believe was the source for the original MIDI file I downloaded.

The original MIDI arrangement lacked any dynamic change over the long notes.   And I forgot to insert a phantom note after the end to fix the bug in Sibelius which cuts short the last note(s) in the MIDI file produced which is also the bases for the MP3 recording here.

A bassoonist friend of mine told me one of her other bassoonist friends was retiring from his non-music carreer in two weeks and asked if I had any sugestions of something he could perform on his bassoon on his last day of work for his co-workers who wanted to hear him play.   So I wanted to get the MP3 recording minus the bassoon part and the score of the bassoon part to him as soon as possable for his consideration.

The Aria is a short work so I may do my own MIDI setting of it with more involved dynamics than the flat dynamics of this setting.   I would like to get the actual score of Villa-Lobo's setting first.

As always, the MP3 recording is preferred as it is balanced using my sound card.

Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5

played on the bassoon

MIDI --- MP3

I strongly suggest you listen to this using the MP3 link as I know how the Microsoft wave-table file for MIDI makes the bassoon sound more like a kazoo. Leave it to Microsoft to nullify your native sound card's fuller wave-table for those of you running any OS beyond Windows 98 SE. Someone please tell Bill Gates technology is supposed to get better, not ruin what is already good.


MIDI arrangements except the last Copyright 2006 by Aji Sabaki. All rights reserved.