Other Classical Music

Vincent Persichetti

Devertimento for Band, movement 5, Soliloquy

Best to listen to this using the MP3 link as band instruments sound lousy using the Microsoft MIDI wavetable file.

MIDI --- Scorch --- MP3

This is not the first time I entered this work. Over 20 years ago I had a toy keyboard and using a TEAC 3340S I did track to track mixxing to achieve a fairly good result. Of course that was a lot more difficult than using todays digital tools.

This will sound so much better after I use the crescendo/decrescendo plugin for dynamic change over held notes.

Whoops. Sounds like I had the record level too high while recording the MP3. I will change that tomarrow or the next day.

Eric Satie

3 Gymnopedies, gymnopie #1

MIDI --- Scorch

The score was written to best realize the sound of the music rather than as the piano music is actually written.

Charles Ives

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