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NEW   Analysis of Bach's English Suite No. 2, 1st movement, Allegro section

Mozart (just the high-quality mp3 files for now.  These are my best works so far!)

  • Piano Concertos (my favorite three)

  • Flute Quartets (flute, violin, viola, cello)

For many years I've enjoyed playing the flute part to the Music Minus One album of the complete flute quartets.  Until I get a new turntable I will be playing along with my MIDI files minus the flute track of course and let the computer turn the pages for me!  And after I get a longer extension cord for my new, big wide-screen monitor I can have it turn pages while I am on playing the piano.  My friend Cheryl is going to tackle the D minor concerto.  I have set my sites much more modestly with the 2nd movement of #17.

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Dancing Note Ballet in 1 micro-act

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My Fair Lady by Lerner and Loewe

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Aji Sabaki

S. O. B. Mozart (a very dissonant relative of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who took lessons from P. D. Q. Bach)

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