Johann Sabastian Bach

Aji Sabaki handing Johann the correction to his score of the English Suite #6 after which Bach exclaimed "Thanks to Aji this work has been resurrected from my circular filing cabinette. Danke schoen Aji!" After that we went out to the local beergarten to celebrate Oktoberfest. Oh! Those were the centuries to party down in.

New --- Analysis of English Suite No. 6, 1st movement, Allegro section

Works for solo keyboard

These are done using Glen Gould's interpretations for the appoggiatura to the best of my memory and the markings I made in my piano music over 15 years ago. I also use the same tempi as Gould does except when two movements are paired together which occurs in the English Suite. When I find either my CD or album I will check them all again. I also take the repeats, or not, identically to Gould's famous recordings from the early 1970s.

The difference in the appoggiatura in the repeats of the 2nd movement of the English Suite #6 is spectacular! Unfortunately you will not hear it identically here until I find that CD or album. The version here is very close though.

I also have the English Suite #6 on CDs performed by Murray Perahia and Andras Schiff but although the audio fidelity and pianos are better I still love Glen Gould's interpretation so much better. Here you can hear that without Gould's annoying hum-along though it does give an idea of the ecstacy he was feeling while touching the mind of Bach.

I also need to put in retardinendoes (I shall look up the spelling of that word later) in some of the movements yet.

Additional note: All these were entered using Anvil Studio so I have no Scorch scores and some were entered in different meters than written in order to get accuracy of playback.

Other selections for solo keyboard

English Suite No. 6

This is complete. As a pianist, I had to memorize all but the two pages of the Allegro section of the 1st movement that I could have my book opened to on the piano music stand as I could not turn the pages while busy playing it. I learned all but the last movement well. In that movement the trills on weak fingers while playing lines with the others presented an as-yet-so-far insurmountable challenge to me.

Goldberg Variations

There are 30 variations sandwiched between the aria and its restatement at the end.

I will probably jump ahead and enter var. 25 soon as it is one of the must sublime movements of music ever written. As a pianist I have only gotten to learn the aria, var. 1-7 and 25. With the MIDI arrangements here I have also taken or not taken the repeats indentically to Gould's recording. Mostly he repeats when there is a different 1st and 2nd ending with the exception of Var. 4, 1st section which I think he repeats because its in 4 voices and probably loves it as much as I do. I also duplicated the tempi of Gould's recordings with the exception of the ending ritardandos.

Other than keyboard solo

Brandenberg Concerto #3

This is the only Brandenberg I had the score to. I also like #2

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