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The Broken Piano-Key Waltz by Aji Sabaki.

Copyright 2006 by Aji Sabaki

Broken Key Waltz

A piano key breaks in the middle of the performance and out of exasperation the pianist provides a tone-cluster (hits his fists against the piano) which fixxes the offending key.  However, it also ruins the piano by changing its timbre to that of a honky tonk piano.

Actually this work requires extreme accelerandos and decelerandos but with the limitations of my current MIDI editor (Anvil Studio - free version) I am unable, at this time, to execute these in the desired manner.

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Each musical selection is accessed in one or more of the following ways:

Aji's Leitmotif Copyright 1971 by Aji Sabaki

Aji's Leitmotif

Aji's Leitmotif Copyright 1971 by Aji Sabaki

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The best fidelity is via the MP3 link but the file size is about 1 megabyte per minute of music.  Next best is the MIDI link or browser plugin.  Scorch links provide the same fidelity as the MIDI but occasional buffer overflow during HDD access will momentarily halt the music playback.  However, Scorch allows you to see the score while the music plays.

All musical compositions in which the composer has not been dead for at least 70 years have valid and enforced copyrights which are duly noted herein. Permission to use this material, for other than personal use, must be secured from the respective copyright owner(s) of that work.  All MIDI arrangements, Sibelius Score arrangements, layouts etc. are copyrighted by me.  That is JUST the arrangements and not the compositions unless it is one of my original works in which case the copyrights range from 1971 to the present.  I reserve all rights.  Links to my site are encouraged but not stealing the material and calling it your own.  I may be willing to give permission, in most cases, where an e-mail request is made to 'barrow' the material provided my guidelines of noting attribution are met.

This following link is not necessary to just listen to the music here.  It explains how to download free programs that can give you interactivity with the scores contained herein:

The free Anvil Studio demo and Sibelius 4 demo programs


The following link may be of interest to some:

General details of how I entered the music

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