Anvil Studio demo

Most of the music at this site as of December 2006 was entered using only this program.  Though a crude program compared to Sibelius and loaded with lots of bugs it is still possible to enter very sophisticated music with it.  The demo version allows you to save files so you can use it to compose your own music.

The music I entered using Anvil Studio is often times way different-looking than the original score in order for me to get more flexability in appagiatura and tempo changes.  I am proud of what I was able to accomplish with this meager program.  I have work-arounds figured out for many of the bugs inherent in this program.  I hope to compile a list of those as well as tips on using the program.

Download, install it and then open one of my .mid files.  To get a .mid file from its MIDI link just right-click on that link and choose "Save target as...".  To retrieve the .mid file from the plug-in object, right-click the plug-in object and choose "Properties".  Enter the URL given after "Location" into a browser window address bar.

To download Anvil Studio click and select "1st time download" there.

Sibelius 4 demo

Sibelius 4 is a FANTASTIC program and very expensive.  The demo program is fully functional except for all file-saving functions being disabled.  The demo program is great to play around with anyway and you can inspect the professional-looking scores this program (almost-effortlessly) can produce.

Click to download the free demo version of Sibelius 4 (16.8 MB).

Every Scorch page (.htm) has an accompanying Sibelius (.sib) file.  To download this to your hard drive follow the instructions for "Saving a Scorch page to your hard drive" omitting saving the .htm file.

Saving a Scorch page to your hard drive

  1. Right-click on the Scorch link choosing "Save target as..."

  2. Save to folder

  3. Do a mouse-over on the link noting the URL in your status bar at the bottom of your browser.

  4. Open a new browswer window.

  5. Enter that URL except using .sib in place of .htm in the address bar of the blank window.

  6. Save the .sib file to the SAME folder as the .htm.

  7. Double-click the .htm file to open the Scorch page from your hard drive.

I shall be updating many of the files I made using Anvil Studio in Sibelius.  The .mid files that Sibelius generates will not follow the notational rules of Anvil Studio so will look funny.  I hope to provide a list or a seperate page for just the files created using Anvil Studio in case you want to play around with them.

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