Score to Alley Cat

When I was about eight years old I played this very arrangement for my piano teacher's recital at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.   It is an ideal piece for children who's hands are smaller than an adult's hands.

Play the music

There is another bug in Sibelius involving tremolo triplets.   This shows how bar 26 looked in Sibelius.

I used Paint Shop Pro to fix all the similar parts.   These backward 3s are not the only bug involving tremolos in Sibelius.   A far more serious bug is that Sibelius plays tremolos with the same seperation as normal non-slurred notes which is set as a fixed percentage for the entire note duration.   There is no way to use the Sibelius control panel to transform them to live playback and thus set the seperation.   Nothing sounds worse than choppy string tremolos.   The only work-around is to write out all the seperate notes rather than use the tremolo notation.   In this work the tremolo notation works fine because it is not the same as fast, aggitated, string tremolos.