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Invention 1. from the Fifteen Two-Part Inventions and Fifteen Three-part Sinfonias

by J. S. Bach

MIDI arrangement Copyright © 2006 by Aji Sabaki, all rights reserved.

I will be using this piece for my next animation featuring 2 dancers and not restricted to just the staff-paper stage set as I did for the Dancing Note ballet in one micro-act. Mikhail Barish-notey-nov will return with a ballerina who looks just gorgeous in her tutu.



skeliton of "Pseudographic #1" by Aji Sabaki

Copyright © 1973 by Aji Sabaki

I drew this with felt-tipped pen and then achieved a graphic by Xeroxing it. During the last 30+ years it faded showing more of the sinews of the original drawing used to make the pseudographic.

The prefix "pseudo" should be used for people and the prefix "quasi" used for things but this is more a person than a thing so I have decided not to change the name.

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